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We work closely with our partners to provide bespoke solutions for third parties looking to access intermediary distribution via APIs or using various data suites that add a new level of competitiveness for businesses. They say that knowledge is power, and our data analysis can give you valuable insight into buyer types and products.

We can also help you to enhance your voice through our business partner advertising. Promote your services to a relevant and engaged audience through e-shots, display advertising, and/or sponsored blog content to bolster your brand.

  • We can work with you to provide bespoke APIs that work seamlessly with your systems and add value to your offerings
  • We can provide you with reports giving vital insight into how constant market fluctuations are affecting your positioning in the market, helping you to adjust accordingly
  • Expand your reach with our business partner advertising opportunities across emails, blogs, and display advertising
Services for lenders:
  • Distribution Brain: Distribution across product, criteria, affordability, and application submissions
  • Insights Brain: A range of data insights covering criteria, affordability, product availability, ESIS, and comparison data
  • Services Brain: The services cover the creation of intermediary affordability calculators for lender websites, ESIS engines and website plug-ins

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