Mortgage sourcing transformed

Mortgage Brain

A good experience when using your services will keep your customers coming back. They expect a smooth and swift mortgage journey and if they don't get it, they are likely not to use you in future. Mortgage Brain sourcing solutions help you find the perfect mortgage from product, criteria, and affordability perspectives quickly and easily, so you can give your clients a swift conclusion and great customer service.

  • Save time by reducing rekeying to maximise productivity and give customers a better experience
  • Enhanced visibility of the market to find the most suitable mortgage

Affordability Brain

Affordability Brain collects information on property, income, debt, and expenditure within one form and sends it to lenders' affordability calculators.

Criteria Brain

With a paid license, quickly search up to six criteria at a time. Quickly and easily match the needs of your customers with those of the lenders, based on criteria.

Sourcing Brain

Online whole of market mortgage product sourcing including second charge products - total flexibility - anytime anywhere sourcing.

MortgageBrain Classic

Desktop-based whole of market sourcing system that is intuitive, fast, and simple to use with more than 200 filters available to help match a customer's needs.

MortgageBrain Classic and Sourcing Brain are integrated with Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain, providing free access to the information within both systems, all included within your product sourcing license, giving you a clear picture of all the different aspects of the market. That perfect mortgage has never been so easy to find.

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