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Are you always on the move visiting customers? Take your product sourcing solution with you wherever you need to be. Sourcing Brain is our online product sourcing platform that means you don't need to be stuck in the office to find the perfect mortgage for your customer.

  • Online platform for laptops and PCs
  • Compare purchases, remortgages, product transfers, buy-to-lets, and second charge products wherever you are.
  • Daily automatic updates mean you can be sure you're always accessing up-to-date information.

Features of Sourcing Brain

Sourcing Brain has been redesigned with a streamlined and intuitive navigation making it simple for you to use. It also has enhanced filtering options enabling you to quickly identify the right product for your client.

The online functionality of Sourcing Brain gives you the convenience of being able to start a case on your laptop at home or when face-to-face with your customer, and continue it on your computer in the office. And with Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain integrations built in, you can start your sourcing research depending on the needs of your customer.

Why Sourcing Brain?

Why not give yourself the option of anytime, anywhere sourcing that brings these benefits?

  • Browse enables you to quickly see what products are available
  • Unmatched and withdrawn products and reasons for exclusion displayed
  • Compare different sourcing scenarios with multiple tabs
  • Advanced filtering options to further refine results
  • Compare side by side multiple first & second charge products

Register for a free 30-day trial

Register for a free 30-day trial