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MortgageBrain Classic is the original product sourcing solution - classic by name and classic by nature. Quick, accurate, and intuitive, this desktop solution allows you to compare purchases, remortgages, product transfers, buy-to-lets, and first and second charge products side by side.

  • Integration with The Key means single data entry - fields are pre-populated with customer information to save you time and reduce keying errors
  • 200+ filters to help you find that perfect product for your customer
  • 99.9% accurate, based on internal testing

Features of MortgageBrain Classic

MortgageBrain Classic now includes Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain integrations, enabling you to source product, criteria, and affordability in a single journey.

This gives you a clearer and fuller picture of the whole market and allows you to start your sourcing research from whichever perspective suits the needs of your customer the most - product, criteria, or affordability. Data from your product sourcing pre-populates relevant fields to save you time, with all criteria and affordability results returned to MortgageBrain Classic, complete with supporting documentation.

Why MortgageBrain Classic?

  • Browse enables you to quickly see what products are available
  • Unmatched and withdrawn products and reasons for exclusion displayed
  • Compare different sourcing scenarios with multiple tabs
  • Advanced filtering options to further refine results
  • Compare side by side multiple first & second charge products