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Simplify Criteria Sourcing

As customer circumstances change quickly and their cases become more complex, your job becomes more difficult and time-consuming. Criteria Brain leads the way with its simplicity, standardisation of terms, and its ability to quickly search up to six criteria at a time.

Criteria Brain has had a substantial increase both in the number of lenders on the platform and the number of intermediaries using Criteria Brain over the past 12 months. A host of new lenders have joined Criteria Brain over the last couple of months, with more to follow.

Users of Criteria Brain users enjoy an unparalleled view into the criteria requirements of the nation's lenders, with the over 88 lenders that are live on the platform accounting for an excess of 95%* of the UK intermediary first charge residential mortgage market.

  • Its easy-to-use and intuitive interface helps you quickly and efficiently match the needs of your customers with those of the lenders, based on their criteria
  • As an online solution, so you can use it anywhere
  • Major lenders already live with more to follow

Transforming mortgage sourcing

The roll out of Affordability Brain enables advisers to source products available, criteria and affordability using a single suite of solutions from Mortgage Brain - this provided free of charge to paid users of Criteria or Sourcing Brain.

Combine all three elements to best match a client's needs to products available and get a clear understanding of what each lender is willing to lend with the utmost clarity for your customers, in a single journey.

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Why Criteria Brain?

Simplify your criteria sourcing to save time on those more complex cases and spend more time advising your clients.

  • Match criteria from over 88 lenders for both residential and buy-to-let
  • Over 60,000 criteria to compare
  • Information updated directly by lenders
  • Ability to flag criteria that are critical or a deal breaker
  • Thousands of additional criteria not found on lender websites
  • Standardised terms make it quick and simple for lenders to update their criteria

What our customers say:

"Today I had already sourced for a client as I knew the specific lender criteria on income types. However, I input the details on Affordability Brain to use the software as an experiment for the same client; if I had done this earlier in the day, I would've saved a lot of time, as the results confirmed my findings in just a few data input screens. This is without doubt, the best facility I have ever used."

Stuart Gardner, Sanderson Financial Ltd

"Brilliant! What a fantastic system, this will save hours per month and the report looks fantastic."

Simon Murby, Trafford Investments Ltd

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Register for a free 30-day trial

*Based on UK Finance gross lending figures for intermediary first-charge residential lending in 2020