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Quick and accurate affordability sourcing

Affordability Brain helps you better manage your customers' expectations on how much they can borrow based on the most up-to-date information available from lenders. Submit to multiple lenders at once and get back precious time so you can concentrate of giving your customers the best advice.

  • Customer information on property, income, debt, and expenditure are conveniently collected within one standardised form
  • Information can be submitted to the affordability calculators of up to 37 lenders with screenshots for complete transparency
  • Results are returned within a minute in an easy-to-understand format showing any assumptions or ignored fields

Features of Affordability Brain

Affordability Brain has innovation at its core, eliminating the need to visit each lender's website and input information multiple times, making it a quick, accurate and easy solution to affordability sourcing.

Results from lenders include a breakdown of values across three areas for transparency and clarity:

  1. Loan to Requested - amount requested likely to be affordable
  2. Loan to Purchase - maximum based on property AND income
  3. Loan to Income - Maximum based purely on income

Lenders available on Affordability Brain account for around 85% of mortgages sold in the UK and the platform experienced over £37bn of loans submitted in its first year.

Transforming mortgage sourcing

Affordability Brain enables advisers to source products available, criteria and affordability using a single suite of solutions from Mortgage Brain - this provided free of charge to paid users of Criteria or Sourcing Brain.

Combine all three elements to best match a client's needs to products available and get a clear understanding of what each lender is willing to lend with the utmost clarity for your customers, in a single journey.

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Why Affordability Brain?

  • Results include clearly marked assumptions, deal-breakers or exceptions
  • Each step of the lender's affordability calculation is recorded, providing a full audit trail to support advice from a compliance perspective
  • Ability to indicate multiple income types to accurately cover your customer's needs
  • Key information is cross-checked with criteria and product data, to highlight any known issues
  • Minimise rekeying with the ability to amend and re-run searches

What our customers say:

"Today I had already sourced for a client as I knew the specific lender criteria on income types. However, I input the details on Affordability Brain to use the software as an experiment for the same client; if I had done this earlier in the day, I would've saved a lot of time, as the results confirmed my findings in just a few data input screens. This is without doubt, the best facility I have ever used."

Stuart Gardner, Sanderson Financial Ltd

"Brilliant! What a fantastic system, this will save hours per month and the report looks fantastic."

Simon Murby, Trafford Investments Ltd

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