Pepper Money goes live on Affordability Brain

Mortgage Brain


UK, January 12 2020: Pepper Money is the latest lender to go live on Affordability Brain,
the affordability-based sourcing system from mortgage technology expert Mortgage Brain.  

Affordability Brain formally launched last year and provides advisers with the ability to source products for their clients based on the results from the affordability calculators provided by partner lenders. Information on the property, income, expenditure and debt of the client is brought together in a single, standardised form which is run through those calculators, establishing precisely how much an adviser’s client may be able to borrow in less than a minute.

Affordability Brain is available at no added cost to fully registered users of Criteria Brain, Mortgage Brain’s criteria-based sourcing system, as part of their existing license.

Paul Adams, Sales Director at Pepper Money said: “Affordability is an important consideration for brokers in choosing the right lender for their customers, and often the most suitable lender may not be one they first consider particularly if there is some complexity in the way the customers earn their income. A platform like Affordability Brain is a great tool in helping brokers to quickly and easily research the available mortgage options and is particularly useful as brokers can see the maximum loan size available from high street lenders alongside specialist lenders like Pepper Money. As we take a hands-on approach to underwriting every application, there may be scenarios where we are better equipped to meet the customer’s needs than a high street lender. By considering a wider group of lenders, brokers can be confident they have sourced the best solution for their customers”

Neil Wyatt, Sales & Marketing Director at Mortgage Brain, said: “Momentum is building behind Affordability Brain, with advisers carrying out hundreds of searches every hour on the platform. The system is a game changer for advisers, allowing them to use their time more efficiently, safe in the knowledge that Affordability Brain has provided a fully compliant audit trail to support their advice. It is already making a big difference to the workloads of adviser businesses of all sizes.”

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